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* Born 1956 in England


* Began sailing in 1974 and learnt the mysteries of ‘free travel’ with a puff of wind pushing you along


* Maintained a keen interest in being afloat ever since


* Several career paths since that time in matters of business and trading – this suited the needs of a family far better than being absent for long periods of time


* In the past year I have delivered boats across both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean


* RYA Offshore and Ocean certificates held


* I have experienced truly bad conditions out there and discovered how to deal with them – (nice to know should push come to shove again)


* Always, I will go to extreme lengths through planning to avoid bad weather, but on occasions it is karma – being prepared is the key


* I try to take great care to discover the ambitions of individual crewmembers and do my level best to see that they are realised


* At landfalls I am always keen to go out and explore – you have just got to do it – and hire cars can go in amazing places!


* More than happy to converse about everything under the sun – the more diverse the discussions the better – we all learn something new every day


* I hope never to lose sight of the objective – to get where we are going all in one piece and try to enjoy and get as much from the experience as possible