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This page contains links to all the stories relating to our father that we have found.

Yacht delivery firm accused of negligence - BBC News 16/01/2012 * NEW *

Yacht delivery firm accused over deaths of five crewmen - This Is Devon 17/01/2012 * NEW *

Sailor feared lost as catamaran capsizesThe Royal Gazette 20/02/2007 

Sailor dies, two crewmen rescued 200 miles at sea - The Royal Gazette 21/02/2007 

Skipper froze to death as we clung to capsized yacht - The Daily Mail 22/02/2007

Family, friends pay tribute to skipper Steve Hobley - The Royal Gazette 22/02/2007

"It's just wonderful to be alive" - The Royal Gazette 22/02/2007 

Ketchum man rescued after boat flips in Atlantic - Idaho Mountain Express 23/02/2007   

Yachtsman dies in storm tragedy - BBC News 23/02/2007

Skipper froze to death as we clung to capsized cat - Yachting Monthly 23/02/2007

British yachtsman dies in Bermuda ordeal - The Guardian 24/02/2007 

Capsized British sailor dies on point of rescue - The Sunday Times 25/02/2007

Change in course proves fatalSoundings Online 05/2007 

The following links are no longer available and do not appear to have been archived anywhere but I'll leave them here for reference anyway.

Rescue Heroes - The Royal Gazette 21/02/2007

Ketchum man rescued in Atlantic storm - Sun Valley Online 21/02/2007

Yachtsman died 'living his dreams' - The Telegraph 23/02/2007

Family's agony at overboard son - Western Morning News 23/02/2007 

Haley Timeline of Events - The Royal Gazette 23/02/2007 

Sailor dad dies a hero - Herald Express 24/02/2007