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What are we doing?

First and foremost, our objective is to get where we are going in one piece and to have had a few weeks of good companionship and enjoyment.

But, before this, we need to meet in the marina/nearby bar or café on the nominated day.  Usually that will be in the evening after your respective journeys. The first task will be to decide whose bunk is which and then it's off to the bars to get to know one another and to talk over what is to come.  In the next two days we will be provisioning and familiarising ourselves with the details of the boat. There will also be a period of formal training in safety procedures and boat handling.

As and when suitable weather forecasts permit we will leave heading for a point 60 miles or so off Cape Finisterre.  A ‘watch’ rota will be followed that will share out fairly the tasks of lookout and boat handler. If you are unsure of your ability to fulfil these duties then be assured that help is not very far away and after a comparatively short period of training you be will be confident in taking your turn and know when to call for assistance or not. Mostly the boat will sail itself at night – all you have to do is maybe ‘prod’ it occasionally! Your most important task is keeping your eyes open for other boats. Cooking too we will take in turns. On your day you will decide on and prepare the ‘menu’ and wash up afterwards. Although quite a hard day it does mean that when it is not your turn you do not have to feel at all guilty about it!

In the early days your night time body clock might feel a little un-hinged. Get sleep during the day and early evening – especially make sure that you have slept before your night watch – our lives are in your hands – and there will always be another time for the next chapter of your book. Find a way to be sure that you stay properly alert for 2 hours at night time and if that means going to bed at 8.00pm so you are ready for your 10.00pm watch then so be it.  I do.

Each crew member will have signed up for the trip for their own personal reasons and whatever I can do to help you with those I will do my best.